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Additional Services




Having a professional email account or accounts for your business is very important.  


At first glance, having an email that is something like this: is much better than having an email address that looks like this: or

Why is that?  



For one thing, you are a business that others will be relying on for information, goods and services. They want to know that you and your business will be around for a long time. Nothing screams "temporary" or "fly by night" like a free email account from google or yahoo.  

There is nothing wrong with google or yahoo email - if it is a personal account.  Having an email account with your business name within the email, shows you have confidence in your own business and plan to prosper.  


SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is an important addition to your website package.  While the look and feel of a site is important, it won't matter much in the long run if your site cannot be found on the internet.  We will optimize each page, ensuring that it is "search engine friendly" and meets with the standards set by the largest search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc).   

If your site is configured correctly with the latest industry standards in mind, you can rest assured that your website will be industry compliant.   With Bright Idea Web Design, you will get a great looking site, and one that plays well with search engines. 



The power of social media should never be left out of the website discussion. Since so many website visitors today are using social media in conjunction with a business website, it provides a 1-2 punch that just can't be overlooked.  When 

used properly, a website will send your customers to social media and social media will send potential visitors to your site.  


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It's an amazing relationship of give and take that can work wonders for awareness of your presence on the internet.  Working together, all of these platforms get your word out to the masses like none other.  Bright Idea Web Design can extend your reach as far as you like.   

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